Oil & Gas

TERI indirect fired natural draft and forced draft water-bath heaters and glycol dehydration systems are used in the oil & gas industry to prevent control valves and regulators from freezing as gas pressure is reduced. This exemplifies the Joules Thompson Effect, which states that when the pressure of gas changes, its temperature also changes. The TERI heater keeps the discharge temperature constant no matter the supply pressure while it promotes a dryer combustion chamber.


  • Natural Gas Distribution
  • Pipeline Compressor Stations
  • Regenerative Gas Heaters
  • Process heaters
  • LNG Terminals/Plant purification
  • Commercial/Utility Power Plants
  • LPG/Air Peak Shaving

TERI heaters can be used in simple applications such as pneumatic control or natural draft applications, or complex applications such as PLC Based Control, Forced Draft, Low NOx, Ultra low NOx settings.