QuikWater Flagship

Why Choose a QuikWater Over a Boiler?

While both a QuikWater direct-contact water heating system and a traditional boiler are intended to generate the same product – a given amount of hot water at a flow rate and temperature specified by the user – these two products have some very significant differences.


QuikWater Direct-Contact
Hot Water Heater
Traditional Boiler
Up to 99% energy efficient60-75% energy efficient
Stack temperatures below 100°FStack temperatures up to 400°F
Rust-resistant stainless steel vesselCast iron and carbon steel vessel
Hot water as needed “on-demand”Continuous running boiler feed system
Safe, non-pressurized systemHighly pressurized system
No certified operator requiredCertified operator may be required
Not subject to ASME codeSubject to ASME code requirements including permits and annual inspections
QuikWaters with NSF certification produce potable water without add-onsBoilers usually require an add-on stainless steel heat exchanger for potable water

QuikWater vs. Boiler

Don’t Compromise Price or Safety on Your Next Water Heater

When you choose a traditional boiler to take care of your hot water needs, in addition to taking on the ongoing expenses of necessary boiler insurance and additional personnel, you’ll also have to stay on top of regular maintenance for the cast iron boiler vessel as well as the associated heat exchangers, pumps, and piping that undergo intense pressure.

QuikWater is a safe, non-pressurized alternative to a boiler that can produce the hot water volumes you need, up to 2,300 GPM, at the temperatures you need, up to 200º depending on the model you choose. QuikWater water heaters work in a variety of applications without the additional monthly and annual expenses of a high-pressure boiler.

Not only are QuikWaters safer than traditional boilers, but they are also cleaner and more energy-efficient. In light of rising energy prices, this particular benefit, native to the Flagship, the MultiTower, and the MegaHeater, can have a significant, positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

Want to find out how much you could save using a QuikWater? Email our QuikWater team directly to request a free ROI calculation, or submit your detailed request through the Contact Us Form below.