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Welcome to QuikWater.

QuikWater didn't become the industry leader for direct-contact water heating systems overnight – but then all giant leaps forward begin with a single step.

In the early 80s, QuikWater was little more than a blip on the map in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, just a few miles west of Tulsa. But over the years, word quickly spread about our innovative Clean-Burn Combustion Technology and the personal commitment we demonstrate to our customers.


Today, QuikWater offers three direct-contact water heaters for industries that range from food and poultry processing and concrete production, to commercial laundries, glass, textiles, car washing, beverage industries and more. You'll also find our systems hard at work in government and aviation facilities and schools across the country. You might say that QuikWater is rapidly changing the way our customers produce hot water. Unlike boilers and industrial water heaters, QuikWater systems deliver pure, hot water on demand with 99% energy efficiency without the safety risk associated with standard pressurized systems. In a nutshell, QuikWater products are pure and simple.

As more and more industrial and commercial operations look to clean up and green up their processes, QuikWater is helping transform their operations with meaningful innovation – the kind that creates long-term value while conserving energy and protecting the environment. What could be better than that?

QuikWater is a member of the American Meal Institute (AMI), the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA), the Energy Solutions Center (ESC), the Small Business Administration (SBA), certified under the HUBZone Program through the SBA, and a woman-owned business.

The QuikWater Mission

The team at QuikWater worked hard to craft a mission statement that accurately reflects who we are as a company and how we want our customers to perceive us. Here's what we arrived at:

QuikWater's mission is to create value for the industries we serve by engineering the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean direct-contact water heating systems, and to win repeat business by demonstrating the highest level of customer service and lifetime product support. Our products enhance our customers' operations by helping to optimize production, reduce their carbon footprint, lower fuel cost through increased energy efficiency, simplify maintenance and minimize downtime.

QuikWater's Core Values

These are QuikWater's guiding principles under which we operate. Truth is, we take them seriously and believe they are one reason customers like to do business with us.


We strive for excellence in every aspect of our business, in our conduct on and off the job; in our product design and manufacturing; and in our service to our customers, suppliers and partners.


We are committed to leading our industry through problem-solving, safety practices and behaviors, and green innovation.


We demonstrate mutual respect for our customers, suppliers, partners and each other in every word and deed. We do business honestly and honorably.

Value Creation

We are dedicated to creating value for our customers with innovative systems and technologies that optimize operations, conserve energy and resources, and replace inefficient methods with green processes.


We are passionate about our work and the continuous improvement of our processes and products. We are driven to serve our customers with the highest level of kindness, respect and knowledgeable problem solving.


We believe in creating and responding to opportunities that fit within our core competencies and generate value for our customers.

Download our Flagship or Hot Shot brochure to learn more about our direct contact hot water heater products or contact QuikWater to hear from us personally.