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The Industries We Serve

QuikWater direct-contact water heating systems are hard at work in industries, institutions and commercial applications across North America – anywhere a process requires hot water on demand.

Aircraft washing

Gyms and spas

Ready-mix and concrete

(alligator and fish farms)

Industrial laundries and commercial coin-operated laundromats

Recreational water parks

Bottle and can washing

Ingredient water

(institutional, commercial venues)

Car washes

(hospitals, correctional centers)


Carpet cleaning

Meat processing

Stone washing

Chemical and fertilizer plants

Parts and automotive


Dye houses

Plant wash-down

Truck and tank washing

Food processing

Poultry processing

Vat warming

Fruit washing

Pulp and paper


Browse our portfolio of direct-contact water heating systems or use our interactive selection guide to determine the right QuikWater system for your operation. To learn more about us and our products, or to experience QuikWater's direct-contact water heating systems first-hand, contact QuikWater to schedule our demo unit.