QuikWater Low-NOx Systems and Ultra Low-NOx Systems
Flagship and Twin Towers

QuikWater's low-NOx and ultra low-NOx options are designed to meet the most stringent air quality standards with capabilities ranging from 9 ppm NOx, 50 ppm CO to 30 ppm NOx, 50 ppm CO corrected to 3% O2. It's important to note that other companies may claim to achieve low NOx numbers but most are not corrected to 3% O2. What's more, our low-NOx and ultra low-NOx QuikWater systems retain their high energy efficiency while still producing pure, potable, hot water on demand.

QuikWater offers Flagship models that have completed pre-certification by California's South Coast Air Quality Management District – the most rigid air quality standard in the world today. QuikWater's single-digit, ultra low-NOx systems established a new Best Available Control Technology (BACT) standard for the South Coast Air Quality Management District, as well as the federal government's Lowest Available Emissions Rate (LAER).

For those who operate in a non-attainment area, QuikWater's direct-contact water heating systems are the ideal clean-air, clean-water solution for controlling emissions while conserving energy.

QuikWater's Low-NOx Packaged Systems Feature:

  • Guaranteed passage of emissions testing
  • High efficiencies that reduce the load on existing steam equipment, in fuel avoidance, and NOx credits
  • No external flue gas recirculation (FGR) that significantly reduces the life of other heaters
  • Industrial steel burner and nose construction
  • ETL listed

System Features and Benefits

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