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Only QuikWater direct-contact water heating systems are engineered with our patented clean-burn technology to produce pure, potable hot water on demand. We offer a full range of direct-contact water heating systems to fit virtually every industrial and commercial application that requires hot water on demand.

Whether you need as little as six gallons of hot water per minute or 2,300 gallons of hot water per minute – from 180° up to 200° – QuikWater has the right water heating system for your operation. Not sure which system you need? Visit our interactive selection guide to determine the right QuikWater model for your application.

The Difference is QuikWater's Innovative Clean-Burn Technology

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Here's how it works

Incoming water flows downward through a vertical column filled with stainless steel packing rings. As cold water comes into direct contact with rising hot combustion air from a gas burner, a rapid heat transfer occurs absorbing 99% of the heat energy into the water. Pure, heated water then accumulates in the storage tank for on-demand use.

QuikWater's exclusive clean-burn technology offers superior energy efficiencies that are simply unmatched in the industry. The entire heat transfer process takes place at atmospheric pressure, eliminating the safety risks usually associated with standard pressurized systems. Our patented water-jacketed combustion chamber provides an isolated dry atmosphere enabling complete combustion unlike other heaters whose burner flames are positioned directly in the falling water. QuikWater's clean-burn technology allows for total combustion without any water impinging directly on the flame and delivering the highest fuel efficiency with zero water contamination.

Quality Materials, Construction and Convenience

Our products are manufactured using the highest quality materials for extra long life and extra low maintenance all year round. QuikWater systems are completely self-contained and arrive pre-piped, pre-wired and factory tested, so you never have to buy additional pumps, controls or external storage tanks. We also offer numerous options to customize your water-heating system, including low-NOx and NSF models.

Browse our portfolio of direct-contact water heating systems to see the difference for yourself. Or, to experience QuikWater's direct-contact water heating systems first-hand, contact QuikWater to schedule our mobile demo unit. We also offer Lunch and Learn presentations that are ideal for engineers to gain hands-on experience with QuikWater systems.