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Wherever reliable heat processes are required to keep the oil and gas, pipeline and electrical power industries online, TERI industrial water-bath heaters, glycol dehydrators, and other fired equipment are hard at work delivering field-proven energy efficient features and customized designs companies rely on to operate around the clock no matter how remote the installation.

Which TERI is right for you?

Natural Draft HeaterForced Draft HeaterFuel Gas HeaterVertical Heater
Low-NOx CapabilitiesX
Reduced FootprintX
Slip Stream CapableXXX
Maximum Output15 MM BTU/HR> 15 MM BTU/HR15 MM BTU/HR500,000 BTU/HR

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TERI Horizontal Forced Draft

TERI – Water Bath Heater Horizontal Forced Draft

TERI Horizontal Forced Draft water-bath heaters are commonly used in applications where process temperatures do not exceed 170°F, including utility, gas processing, refining of oil and gas, and other industrial applications. Our Forced Draft...

TERI Horizontal Natural Draft

TERI – Water Bath Heater Horizontal Natural Draft

TERI Natural Draft Horizontal Heaters are ideal for remote locations and locations with limited power supply. They are custom designed and engineered for each application and can be designed in single, double, or triple-burner...

TERI Vertical Heaters

TERI – Water Bath Heater Vertical Heaters

TERI vertical indirect-fired water bath heaters are an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally safe addition to TERI’s popular horizontal water bath heater line.  In settings where space is limited and quiet operation is essential, our...

TERI Fuel Gas Heater

TERI – Water Bath Heater Fuel Gas Heater

TERI Fuel Gas Heaters are ideal for applications where sensible heat input is required or where superheating gas above hydrocarbon and water saturation dew points, and elemental sulfur control is needed.

TERI Fuel Gas Heaters...


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About TERI

TERI was founded in 1991 to be a custom design solutions provider for water bath heaters, which is and will continue to be our core business. That, coupled with the fact our heaters are designed, manufactured and fully tested in the USA, makes us the preferred choice in the oil, gas, and industrial heater markets.

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OGI Process Equipment company was created to bring together under one shared operations umbrella the storied histories of its TERI and QuikWater® brands through capitalizing on two common denominators: entrepreneurship and heater systems. Now, the same team of trusted professionals our customers have depended upon for years has new strength and resources to better serve our markets.

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