QuikWater Hot Shot


QuikWater Hot Shot

The QuikWater Hot Shot is the new right-size solution for commercial applications that require hot water on demand with a smaller footprint. The Hot Shot delivers 6 to 16 gallons per minute of pure, potable, hot water on demand and is ideal for smaller meat packing plants, car washes, commercial laundries, and cafeteria, hospital and institutional kitchens. Engineered with our innovative clean-burn combustion technology, the Hot Shot uses a dry fire process that is safer than conventional boilers and operates with 99% energy efficiency. QuikWater manufactures all of its systems using the highest quality materials for extra long life and extra low maintenance.


QuikWater Hot Shot Direct-Contact Water Heating Systems

  • 99% energy efficient; up to 40% energy savings
  • Environmentally safe
  • 6 GPM to 16 GPM of pure, potable hot water on demand
  • Small footprint; ideal for commercial applications
  • 200,000 btu/hr to 400,000 btu/hr with temperatures up to 180°F
  • Fast ROI compared to boilers or indirect-contact water heating systems
  • Patented clean-burn technology
  • Non-pressurized design eliminates safety risks
  • Runs on natural gas or propane
  • Five-point utility installation
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Pre-piped, pre-wired, factory tested
  • Plug-and-play system ships in one piece
  • Small storage
  • ETL/ETLC listed; UL compliant

Hot Shot Heater Capacities

Heater calculations:
Temp Rise x GPM x 500 = BTU Required
Temp Rise = Hot Water Temp – Cold Water Temp

Inlet Size: 3/4" FNPT
Outlet Size: 1" FNPT
Fuel Inlet Size: 3/4" FNPT
Electrical Connection: 230v single phase, 12 amp
Stack Connection Size: 4" FNPT