Selection Guide (Which Model Do I Need?)


QuikWater Interactive Selection Guide

First, you'll need some information at hand:

  1. Desired temperature of hot water.
  2. Your desired flow rate.
  3. The temperature of your cold water supply.

Now, enter that information in the fields below and see which QuikWater direct-contact water heating system is ideal for your operation

You can also determine the preliminary heater size to meet your requirements by using the chart below. You'll need the following information at hand:

  1. Determine your total hourly water using during peak demand.
    For example: 6000 gallons ÷ 60 minutes = 100 GPM.
  2. Determine the water temperature rise required.
    For example: Inlet 60°F, outlet need 160°F = temperature rise of 100°F

Important Notes:

  1. Variations in the QuikWater heater design may be required to achieve all flow parameters. Please consult us if required temperature is less than 60°F.
  2. Standard ratings are based on 1000' elevation. Burners are subject to 4% derivation for each additional 1000'.
  3. Tabulated flow rates represent 99% efficient heater operation when inlet water temperature is 60°F or below.
  4. A.  Model x 1000 = BTU/hr capacity through Model 8000, or
    B.  Models 10.0 through 35.0 x 1 million = BTU/hr capacity.