Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream

Wherever reliable heat processes are required to keep the oil and gas, pipeline, and electrical power industries online, TERI industrial water-bath heaters, glycol dehydrators, and other fired equipment are hard at work delivering field-proven energy efficient features and customized designs companies rely on to operate around the clock no matter how remote the installation.

Our natural draft and forced draft heaters feature design innovations like field removable heater coils and expansion tanks. Customer-driven details such as "pilot-in-a-drawer" make TERI brand heaters the choice for anyone who depends on their fired equipment 24/7, 365 days a year. We work as hard as you do, and we make certain our equipment does the same.

An American Success Story

Five decades ago it would not have been unusual to learn of an eager young man who worked tirelessly to prove himself at the small company that gave him his first job.

Back then, employees were expected to wear many hats, so it came as no surprise that a 17-year-old named Bert Miles was happy to take on any responsibility that made him an indispensable asset. Over time, Bert worked his way up at the growing company, juggling roles that eventually rewarded him with the leadership post and enabled him to retire at age 52.

But retirement was simply not in the cards for Bert. Customers continued to call on him, asking Bert to custom-design water-bath heaters for their specific applications. Not one to disappoint, Bert relented. Soon, more customers were calling with orders that couldn't wait. In true family fashion, Bert's wife went to work managing the books while Bert served as designer-engineer-salesman for the heaters he built in his barn. Not surprisingly, Bert's retirement business quickly outgrew his ability to manage the orders flying in the door.

In 2005, Bert sold his business to F. William Weber, an Oklahoma industrialist who shared Bert's passion for quality, integrity, and a family-owned culture built on the values of personal service and customer responsiveness.

Today, the TERI brand of industrial water-bath heaters, glycol dehydrators, and other fired equipment is synonymous with innovative design, reliable performance, and the same personal integrity that fueled its humble beginnings. As a part of OGI Process Equipment, we offer a 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility stocked with the latest tools and technology, enabling us to design and engineer every component of our systems under one roof. We also provide the services our customers expect, from start-up and commissioning to preventive maintenance, training, parts sales, and 24-hour troubleshooting—all with a lead time second to none.

The nearly 100 employees behind the TERI name demonstrate a down-to-earth approach to ensure our customers experience 100% satisfaction from the first phone call to final installation and beyond.

In short, engineering and servicing the very best heater systems is a job we still take to heart—and one reason TERI has quietly become the preferred choice in the oil and gas and industrial heater markets.