Horizontal Forced Draft

TERI Horizontal Forced Draft water-bath heaters are commonly used in applications where process temperatures do not exceed 170°F, including utility, gas processing, refining of oil and gas, and other industrial applications. Our Forced Draft Horizontal Heaters can be designed in single, double, or triple-burner configurations. With capacities from 1 MM Btu/hr. up to 15 MM Btu/hr., our expert team can conceive and construct the right TERI Horizontal Heater for your needs.

For low-emission requirements, TERI forced draft heaters offer an ideal solution to reduce dead gas film along the tube walls and provide superior burner control, making fine-tuning the air/fuel ratio possible to achieve efficient combustion and lower emissions.

TERI Horizontal Forced Draft Heater Applications

  • Heating natural gas prior to pressure reduction to eliminate hydrate formation downstream of expansion valving
  • Heating well stream fluids prior to phase separation
  • Heating process streams to maintain fluid viscosity at a minimum to reduce HP pumping requirements
  • Heating turbine fuel gases to meet manufacturer's temperature requirements
  • Vaporization of liquid propane


  • Plasma-cut, TERI-fabricated components
  • Individually removable firetubes designed to transfer heat efficiently into the surrounding heat media and minimize flue gas friction losses
  • Process coil designed in accordance with API 12K or ASME Section VIII Division 1 code requirements
  • 304 SS flue gas stack or stacks designed to provide positive flue gas flow (draft) by overcoming the friction losses in the complete combustion system
  • Stack clean-out tee
  • Flue gas stack anti-reverse draft diverters with train cap and bird screens
  • Essential electric and pneumatic in addition to PLC control systems
  • Multi-mitered firetube bends (no single miter cut to greater than 22.5°)
  • Positive seal flange designs
  • Bath liquid expansion tank designed to contain 7% of the total bath media and 100% of the expanded bath media from a temperature of 40°F to the maximum operating temperature
  • Bath liquid level gauge and temperature indicator
  • Shell designed in accordance with API 12K
  • Fuel gas train designed to API 12K standards, with larger duty heaters also meeting ASME standards
  • 100% radiography inspection of process coil welds

Available Options

  • Sophisticated remote control and monitoring equipment
  • Flame-safeguard assemblies including pneumatic 120VAC, 24VDC, 12VDC, or solar power
  • Manual or automatic pilot ignition designs
  • Cushioned (electrically insulated) process coil supports
  • Shell treated with water-soluble rust prevention coating
  • Customized heater supports to meet existing pier locations
  • Hot-dipped galvanized heater skids, ladders, and platforms
  • Other customized solutions as required by the application

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