QuikWater MultiTower

50% to 100% Backup; Increased Turndown

The QuikWater MultiTower direct-contact water heating system is an optional configuration of our original Flagship system.

The MultiTower is ideal for concrete production, railcar washing, commercial laundries, and the glass, textiles, car washing, food processing, government, and aviation industries, producing 9 to 2,300 gallons per minute of pure, clean, hot water for use in a variety of applications.

All QuikWater systems are engineered with our innovative clean-burn combustion technology – a dry fire process that is not only safer than conventional boilers but operates with 99% energy efficiency. We also manufacture our systems using the highest quality materials for extra long life and extra low maintenance.

QuikWater systems are the first direct-contact water heating systems to be certified by the NSF/ANSI Standard 3A and 5 for food processing applications.


  • 99% energy efficient; up to 40% energy savings
  • Environmentally safe
  • 1-2 year ROI compared with boilers or indirect-contact water heating systems
  • 50-100% back up
  • 9 GPM to 2300 GPM of pure, potable water
  • 600,000 btu/hr to 70 mmbtu/hr with temperatures up to 180°F
  • Patented clean-burn technology
  • Non-pressurized design eliminates safety risks


  • Runs on natural gas, propane, or No. 2 fuel oil for
    non-potable water applications
  • Linkageless burner controls, excellent burner turndown
  • Integral storage tank with manway
  • Easy maintenance with integrated clean-in-place system
  • Pre-piped, pre-wired, factory tested
  • ETL/ETLC listed; UL compliant
  • Low-NOx, ultra low-NOx and NSF systems available
  • Mix and match Btu/hr towers for the ideal fit and most
    efficient hot water generation

What Can You Expect from Your QuikWater MultiTower?

Built-In System Backup – The two towers of the MultiTower can be run individually or together to provide redundancy or excess capacity, depending on your needs.

Double Turndown – Since the heating load is split between two towers automatically, one can remain dormant during periods of low demand.

Small Footprint – The MultiTower provides more heating energy in a smaller space compared to two smaller heaters of equivalent capacity.

Stainless Steel Construction – The entire heat exchange area and sheet metal waterways are made of 100% stainless steel, and they are immune to thermal shock.

Optimum Heat Energy Transfer – Direct-contact design allows super-efficient heat transfer without tubes. This transfer achieves exhaust gas temperatures below the dew point of water, facilitating up to 99% thermal efficiencies.

Patented Dry-Firing Chamber – QuikWater’s patented dry-firing chamber ensures complete combustion, reduces maintenance, ensures clean water, and allows for a varied selection of available fuels.

PLC Control Package Standard – QuikWater heaters are shipped completely equipped with all the necessary sensors, controls, pumps, and valves.

Ready to Use, Fully-Tested Units – QuikWater heaters are shipped completely equipped with all the necessary sensors, controls, pumps, and valves. Every heater is factory assembled and tested prior to shipment.

Heavy-Duty Forced-Draft Burner – All heaters come with heavy-duty, forced-draft, easy-clean burners and 100% stainless steel heads to minimize corrosion. Ultra-low NOx burners are available as an option.


Instant Hot Water – Instant response capability allows heaters to be shut down in times of inactivity and turned on only minutes before hot water is needed again.

Low Water Pressure Correction – QuikWater heaters can work with low-pressure water supplies and can repressurize the heated output water to any required level.

Storage Tank Included – Standard QuikWater heaters include integrated stainless steel storage tanks. Systems for reheating the integrated storage tank water are included.

Clean Water Production – All QuikWater heaters produce clean, hot water. Heat exchangers are not required. Certified NSF heaters for use in food operations are available as an option.

Full Modulating Heat Packages – Most QuikWater heaters come with full modulation burner packages, providing excellent temperature control and turndown.

Unparalleled Safety – QuikWater heaters are completely nonpressurized and have no sealed tubes or shells. No ASME code stamps/inspections are required. Multiple safety sensors and protection devices are standard.

Unique Lower Cooling Spray System – QuikWater heaters come with a unique lower cooling spray system, which extends the life of the heat-transfer area.

Minimum Maintenance – Easy maintenance features include hatches for easy access to the heat transfer area, tank access port, tank drain connection, easy maintenance burner design, and multiple locations for inspection of cooling and recirculation systems. Learn more about QuikWater Preventive Maintenance

Quikwater Heater Capacities

Heater calculations:

BTU Required = Temp Rise x GPM x 500

Temp Rise = Hot Water Temp – Cold Water Temp

(If temperature rise is less than 50, please consult the factory)


Heater capacities reduced for elevations above 1000 feet.
Reduction formula for maximum BTU outputs:
BTU reduction percentage = Elevation – 1000 ÷ 1000 x 4%