Vertical Heaters

TERI vertical indirect-fired water bath heaters are an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally safe addition to TERI’s popular horizontal water bath heater line.  In settings where space is limited and quiet operation is essential, our innovative solution stands out. Designed for scenarios that demand high efficiency, our product significantly improves performance while reducing space and noise through cutting-edge burner design.

Additionally, we recognize the need for tailored solutions; thus, we offer custom enclosures upon request to perfectly meet your specific requirements.

The complete vertical heater system consists of the following components, each designed to meet specific design criteria:

  • The process coil, which is designed in accordance with API 12 K or ASME Section VIII Division 1 code requirements.
  • The firetube, which efficiently transfers heat into the surrounding heat media.
  • The heater shell, which is an atmospheric vessel designed in accordance with API 12 K requirements.
  • The heat media, which is commonly a mixture of glycol and water which is blended to a consistency to provide for proper freeze protection.

TERI Vertical Indirect-Fired Water Bath Heaters:

  • Are not under a vacuum system
  • Utilize stacks that are not necessarily as tall as horizontal-style heater stacks

TERI Vertical Indirect Fired Water Bath Heater Applications

  • Heating natural gas prior to pressure reduction to eliminate frost formation downstream of regulation
  • Preventing hydrate formation in well stream fluids
  • Heating well stream fluids prior to phase separation


  • Higher Thermal Efficiency (75%-85%)
  • Small footprint package
  • Quiet burner assembly
  • Pneumatic instrumentation
  • Forklift pockets and lifting lugs for ease of installation
  • Fully enclosed controls

Available Options

  • Sophisticated remote control and monitoring equipment
  • Flame-safeguard assemblies including pneumatic 120VAC, 24VDC, 12VDC, or solar power
  • Manual or automatic pilot ignition designs
  • Shell treated with water-soluble rust prevention coating
  • Hot-dipped galvanized heater skids, ladders, and platforms
  • Other customized solutions as required by the application

Standard Sizes

100,000 BTU/Hour (3’x4’ Base x 6’4” Tall)

200,000 BTU/Hour (4’x5’ Base x 7’6” Tall)

300,000 BTU/Hour (4’x5’ Base x 8’8” Tall)

400,000 BTU/Hour (4’x5’ Base x 9’10” Tall)

500,000 BTU/Hour (5’x6’ Base x 11’ Tall)

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