TotalArc products are created to provide reliable flame control and to maintain water bath heater operations consistently, even under challenging conditions. The benefit of the TotalArc system is a simple and effective means of relighting pilot outages without compromising or substantially augmenting the complexity of equipment controls.

The TotalArc system is designed to close the main gas valve supply to heater burners to minimize the amount of gas entering the fire tube while a relight is in process. The TotalArc’s intelligent design allows pilot ignition when predetermined conditions are met. If the predetermined conditions are not met, the TotalArc shuts down both the pilot and main gas fuel systems.

The TotalArc family includes two products: the TotalArc Relighter and the TotalArc BMS (Burner Management System). The TotalArc Relighter and the TotalArc BMS can be used in a variety of applications and have many powerful features.


TotalArc Applications

TotalArc Standard Features

Line HeatersUL Class 1 Div 2 Control Panel
Fuel Gas HeatersNEMA 4X Panel
Tank HeatersLow current draw
SeparatorsDoes not interfere with heater operation
TreatersRedundant safety system
Process EquipmentComplements pneumatic flame safeguard controller
Combustors and IncineratorsHigh Visibility LED status light
Glycol ReboilersModular Construction for easy installation & retrofit

The TotalArc system contains a battery backup system that will maintain operation of the system for up to 10 days in the event of a power failure. If a prolonged power failure occurs, the TotalArc system will power down but allow the operations of the heater to continue safely via the pneumatic flame safeguard.

TotalArc products come with the following available options:

  • 12 VDC battery with solar backup
  • 120 VAC with battery backup
  • 24 VDC
  • Remote monitoring
  • Retrofit kits for existing heaters

TotalArcs are also available in a stainless steel enclosure.



TotalArc Relighter

TotalArc Relighter

The TotalArc Relighter monitors your pilot light ignition system for a flame. In the event your pilot light goes out, the TotalArc Relighter relights your flame and keeps your system running the way it…

TotalArc Burner Management System

TotalArc BMS

The TotalArc BMS (Burner Management System) monitors calls for heat to improve your heater’s performance. The TotalArc BMS has both pneumatic and electrical safety control options providing remote relighting capabilities on demand.

Image of the TotalArc BMS View with a black background

TotalArc TotalArc BMS View

Experience unparalleled control and safety with the TotalArc Burner Management System (BMS) View. Our cutting-edge system not only effectively manages natural draft burners but also offers configurable electronic monitoring…


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About TotalArc

Consistent Relighting; Safer Heating

The TotalArc Relighter is a flame monitoring device that relights the pilot in the event of a flame failure. The TotalArc system has an augmented safety feature which will close the main gas supply to the main burner during a relight event. This minimizes the amount of gas entering the fire tube during the relight process. The TotalArc Relighter must be used with a pneumatic flame safeguard controller. This combination of electronic and pneumatic monitoring will maintain the operation of the heater even if the TotalArc loses power.

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