OGI's ESG Statement

OGI Process Equipment recognizes the value to both our internal and external stakeholders in operating in a manner that supports our environment, bolsters the social ecosystem in which we live and work, and administers sound and ethical governance from the Board Room to the Shop. Our pledge to be ESG leaders can be seen in our execution of the following practices.


TERI Forced Draft Water Bath HeaterOGI works hard to be a responsible steward of our environment. We are committed not only to managing our organization’s carbon footprint but also to helping our clients manage theirs. OGI’s commitment to sound environmental practices includes:

  • Recycling scrap metal
  • Managing hazardous waste as a fuel for cement manufacturing
  • Reclaiming and reusing water initially utilized for equipment testing purposes
  • Providing alternatives such as electric heaters to traditional natural gas water bath heaters
  • Enabling clients to recapture waste streams and incorporate them into their facility processes
  • Making available low-NOx burners on water bath heater (TERI) installations and low NOx and ultra-low NOx direct contact (QuikWater) installations
  • Offering forced draft water bath heaters, which provide markedly increased efficiency over traditional natural draft water bath heaters
  • Engineering “clean-burn technology” – a technology that operates with 99% energy efficiency – for all QuikWater heaters.
  • Installing and servicing heaters in such a way that combustion variability is minimized for increased combustion performance
  • Building instrumentation into heaters so that vented gasses may be recirculated
  • Designing gas trains to minimize the use of gas relief valves
  • Manufacturing heater models that are compatible with renewable natural gases (e.g., biofuel/biogas)
  • Offering control systems that can be integrated into client control systems
  • Optimizing client heater performance in order to increase efficiency and reduce emissions
  • Offering burner management systems that control pilot lights, thereby reducing wasted gas


OGI at United Way Food DriveOGI endeavors to create a working environment that is inclusive and that affirms the dignity of its diverse workforce as well as its clients. We are a certified women-owned business. Members of our staff support our local community both through regular volunteer work and through community giving. An avid supporter of the Tulsa Area United Way, OGI helps support local agencies including Sand Springs Community Services and Domestic Violence Intervention Services. Individual members of our staff maintain board positions with these and other community agencies.

OGI keeps track of the organization’s social pulse with bi-weekly “Town Hall” meetings. The entire staff gathers in the OGI Shop as OGI’s president, vice president, and other company leaders share about current issues and open the floor to employee questions or concerns. It is during these meetings that we recognize publicly the excellent work of individuals in our organization and that we band together during times of need. OGI’s “open-door policy” also ensures that employees have direct access to objective advocates.


OGI Leadership - Stacey SchmidtOGI upholds transparent accounting practices, which allow employees and external stakeholders to feel confident in company investments and fiscal practices. Before installing new Board members or executive leadership, potential conflicts of interest are mitigated through careful and thorough vetting processes. OGI’s focus is neither on political issues nor social issues but is instead on that of engineering and manufacturing products of uncompromising quality in a manner that enriches the lives of its employees and clients.


While OGI obviously goes to great lengths to be good stewards of the environment, social climate, and organizational governance, we also strive to help our clients to meet their company ESG goals. In addition to providing, you with the highest quality products and services, we hope to be an important component of your ESG strategy.

To learn more about OGI Process Equipment, including our company history, our mission statement and vision, our corporate values, and our quality policy, please visit www.ogipe.com/about.


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