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QuikWater direct-contact water heater systems are unlike anything else in the industry. That's because we've engineered our heating systems to help our industrial and commercial customers work smarter, cleaner, more energy-efficient, and more economically than ever.


How can you use a QuikWater Direct-Contact Water Heater?

QuikWater has been designing, manufacturing, and selling direct-contact industrial water heaters since 1984 when the first QuikWater heater was built for curing cold concrete at ambient temperatures. Since then, the QuikWater heater has been refined and applied to many other industrial, commercial, and institutional applications.

QuikWater heaters have been used in various industries including poultry, beef, and pork processing, produce washing, canning, vehicle washing (both land and air), commercial laundry, and textiles. QuikWater heaters have been used in hospitals, prisons, textile plants, schools, and military bases.

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QuikWater Flagship

QuikWater – Direct-Contact Water Heater QuikWater Flagship

QuikWater’s Flagship model produces 9 to 2,300 GPM of hot water. It is engineered with a dry fire process that is not only safer than conventional boilers but operates with 99% energy efficiency.

QuikWater MultiTower

QuikWater – Direct-Contact Water Heater QuikWater MultiTower

QuikWater’s MultiTower direct-contact water heating system is an optional configuration of our original Flagship system.

QuikWater MegaHeater

QuikWater – Direct-Contact Water Heater QuikWater MegaHeater

The QuikWater MegaHeater is engineered to hot water up to 200°F. The MegaHeater is ideal for food, beverage, and other process industries.


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About QuikWater

QuikWater offers three direct-contact water heaters for industries that range from food and poultry processing and concrete production to commercial laundries, car washing, and manufacturing. Unlike boilers and industrial water heaters, QuikWater systems deliver pure, hot water on demand without the safety risk associated with standard pressurized systems.

About OGI

OGI Process Equipment company was created to bring together under one shared operations umbrella the storied histories of its TERI and QuikWater brands by capitalizing on two common denominators: entrepreneurship and heater systems. Now, the same team of trusted professionals our customers have depended upon for years has new strength and resources to better serve our markets.
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