Industrial Water System

Industries We Serve

OGI Process Equipment manufactures and sells industrial water systems products for all industry needs. Between TERI indirect-fired natural draft and forced draft water-bath heaters and glycol dehydration systems, and QuikWater direct-contact water heating systems OGI can provide the hot water needed at the volumes and temperatures needed for various industries, institutions and commercial applications across North America – anywhere a process requires hot water on demand. Our TotalArc and Process Controls products and services enhance and expand our multi-industry presence. We have optimized our resources to deliver the highest standard of product excellence to every industry we serve.

Government Agencies

QuikWater units can generate potable water for military bases and government entities for drinking and ingredient water. QuikWater units can also generate high-temperature water in large volumes for cleaning and sanitization of equipment, vehicles, containers, and other supplies that have strict cleaning requirements.

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QuikWater units dispense water at 180° (and higher) to ensure necessary sanitization of medical and pharmaceutical equipment. QuikWater units have a proprietary dry fire combustion chamber that is sized to ensure the complete combustion of fuel prior to the exhaust gasses coming in contact with the water. NSF systems are available.

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Commercial Laundry

According to the EPA and the U.S. Geological Survey, the commercial and institutional sector is the second largest consumer of publicly supplied water in the United States, accounting for 17 percent of the withdrawals from public water supplies. QuikWater meets the demand with clean, hot water provided at consistent temperatures that commercial laundries need.

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Food & Beverage

Heat is essential in the food and beverage industry, and hot water in particular is necessary to accomplish a variety of tasks. Consumer and commercial food and beverage producers and packers require large volumes of hot water every day. Consistency in both production and in temperature is vital, and the QuikWater direct-contact hot water heating systems are manufactured to deliver unwavering consistency.

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Car Wash

Unlike boilers and industrial water heaters sometimes used in commercial car washes, QuikWater systems deliver clean, hot water on demand with 99% energy efficiency without the safety risk associated with standard pressurized systems. In a nutshell, QuikWater products are pure and simple.

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Manufacturing outfits use hot water for creating their products, sanitizing their products, and cleaning their products and equipment. QuikWater provides hot water at the various temperatures and volumes needed in the manufacturing industry. Direct contact water heaters are safe and reliable, and they perform consistently year after year.

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Oil & Gas

TERI indirect fired natural draft and forced draft water-bath heaters and glycol dehydration systems are used in the oil & gas industry to prevent control valves and regulators from freezing as gas pressure is reduced. This exemplifies the Joules Thompson Effect, which states that when the pressure of gas changes, its temperature also changes. The TERI heater keeps the discharge temperature constant no matter the supply pressure while it promotes a dryer combustion chamber.

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Mixing and pouring concrete, particularly in cold-weather zones where the temperatures drop below 40°F, can introduce water-related curing challenges as temperatures impact the hydration effect. While mixing and pouring concrete requires expert involvement in any climate, consistent water temperatures help standardize the process and remove an unknown from a sometimes tricky process.

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Natural Gas

Our natural draft and forced draft heaters feature design innovations like field removable heater coils and expansion tanks. Customer-driven details such as "pilot-in-a-drawer" make TERI brand heaters the choice for anyone who depends on their fired equipment 24/7, 365 days a year. We work as hard as you do, and we make certain our equipment does the same.

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